Travel Under The Influence – Event Recap

travel under the influence panel

Let’s Talk Travel and Influencer Marketing

It sounds like influencers and travel go hand in hand, as they should, however there is still a lot of confusion in the businesses world and especially the travel industry on what exactly influencer marketing is, how it works, what the benefits are and what mistakes not to make.

We invited some experts to share their knowledge with our community and brought them together for a panel discussion.

The event was Travel Under The Influence and we produced it together with Travel Massive, the largest global travel industry insider community, and the panelists we’re Lena Sotnick from Virgin Hotels, Dana Baasiri from AIC Hotels, Alex Norton founder of consulting agency  i am alex norton and Daniela Martinez from Two Outsiders.

The crowd was a mix of content creators, travel industry professionals and journalists who enjoyed the networking happy hour with beer from local brewer  Veza Sur, rum cocktails from Coconut Cartel and appetizers from Meraki Greek Bistro, a fine local restaurant.

The panel discussed what is influencer marketing, the difference between a content creator and an influencer, what is the difference between a celebrity, macro, micro and nano influencer and how to best vet the right influencer for your campaign goals. How to track campaigns and how to measure the success.

We finished with a Q&A and ran out of time, our audience was hungry for knowledge and stayed to chat with the panelists and ask more questions.

A big thank you to Gonzalo Feo for the photos, Tony Benjamin and Israel Brod of Oxygen Videos, the awesome team at WeWork, Veza Sur, Coconut Cartel and Meraki Bistro for making the event such a success.