The Other Palm Beach You Need to Check Out

Palm Beach

Didn’t know there was a second Palm Beach? Don’t worry we’re in the same boat as you, we had no idea that the Palm Beach we know in Florida had a fun-loving twin sister in Aruba. If it wasn’t for the founder of My Life is a Travel Movie, Alyssa Ramos, we would’ve never known! Read all about her adventure in our latest travel interview below.

Art Scene

Most art in Aruba consists of artists selling their talents out on the streets, this is what Alyssa noticed the most. In the downtown Palm Beach area, there are a lot of art galleries that you can walk around and visit. One that catches our eye here at ARTRPRNR is the Etnia Nativa Art Gallery & Museum. At the museum, the main feature is native art made of recycled materials.

If it’s street art you’re looking for, the San Miguel area is the place to go. You’ll find the sides of buildings plastered with neon yellows and cerulean blues. It’s a great opportunity to take some kickass photos and meet some artists.

Dutch influence is most prominent in Oranjestad. This is where Alyssa’s eye (along with our own) gravitates toward. Here the buildings look like little gingerbread houses and it teaches its visitors about the vast history of the island.

Staying Active

With Aruba being an island, it makes perfect sense that Alyssa tells us to walk the beaches! She hopped on a bus from Palm Beach up to the North-most beach, which is Arusha, and then walked all the way back down. It sounds like a lot by Alyssa had a great time and got to see some amazing beaches.

Meeting Like-Minded People

Out of all the places Alyssa visited, Palm Beach is the best place to meet other like-minded people and to have a good time. Palm Beach is where all the younger crowd hangs out and have fun, so you’re sure to have a good time here. In Noor, Aruba there is a bar called the Beach Bar, and guess what? It’s right on the beach! With an extensive drink menu, happy hour is from noon until 7 pm and during that time they have 2 for 1 drinks. With such close beach access, you can move around freely and socialize with anyone.

Recommended Eats

The answer is simple, “There’s a really cute pier bar/restaurant on Palm Beach that had great ceviche and happy hour drinks!”Alyssa had nothing but praise for this quaint restaurant. She said the atmosphere was high-energy and overlooked the water, which is never a bad thing. The menu had a lot of healthy options and many seafood-based dishes. The service was fast and great and is for sure a great photo-worthy place to go.


Out of the four places Alyssa stayed at, she loved the Aruba Hill Resort and Spa the most. She explains, “It’s huge, has a pizza place, waterslide, waterfall, and is only a block to both the beach and grocery store.” Waterslide? Count me in. Alyssa said the place is huge and offers great service to its patrons.

For more sunny adventures visit and follow Alyssa’s Instagram.

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