Miami Influencer Spotlight: Dana of @foodvibesonlymiami

Local Miami foodie, Dana of @foodvibesonlymiami is the newest addition to our local influencer spotlights! Dana has been creating content on social media for a little over a year and has learned a thing or two. Dana makes it look easy but all that skill has been crafted from mistakes and triumphs. Read on to learn everything you can!

Where are you originally from? How long have you called Miami your home?

I’m originally from Barcelona, Spain but I’ve been living in Miami for 15 years. Miami has changed tremendously in the past 5 years, especially in the gastronomy world. This is why I started my Instagram – to show everyone that Miami is becoming the next NY!

What’s your favorite place to take friends who’re visiting?

My favorite place to take them is anywhere in Wynwood or Miami Beach. Those are the best places that represent Miami right now.

What are some of your favorite local brands that you worked with?

I have worked with Jason Hyde Watches (amazing eco straps!!) and I love each and one of their products. Check out their Instagram at @jasonhydeworld.

I also worked with Peet’s coffee and I had the pleasure of meeting the maker behind the newest coffee’s recipes.

What can local businesses do to increase their exposure on social media?

I believe that reaching out to influencers is the best way to get engagement on social media. Customers can relate much more when they see their favorite influencer/blogger using the same brand or eating the same food. And for a plus, it can be less expensive than any other advertisement!

What is your biggest challenge as a content creator?

Sometimes Instagram can be an unstable platform since it can encounter some technical glitches. The algorithm isn’t the same all the time so I have some posts that do better than others when I least expect it.

How do you suggest content creators better engage with their audience?

Show your face!! Make people believe your story and have them relate to your message.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Any food blogger that works very hard and puts a lot of work into their content is my inspiration. My grandma also has a lot to do with it. She is a known cook and my palate is all thanks to her! Last and foremost, my boyfriend Mikael inspires me with everything! He is the mastermind behind the photographs, some captions (not all), and he is the best eater any blogger would love to have! 😉

What do you consider your strongest skill?

In my family, everyone loves to cook so I’m used to recognizing flavors and great plates. I think the fact that I also show my story on Instagram gives me an advantage because people know that I’m being genuine and they trust my taste!

What are you currently reading?

One that I’m currently reading is YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero. I am all about women empowerment and self-motivation!

What equipment do you use?

I use my camera Nikon D5300 with an 18-55 mm lens. Believe it or not, I also use my iPhone! It takes great pictures too.

What are your top 5 apps?

My top 5 apps are Snapseed (for filtering pictures), Dinely (to get discounts on restaurants), Tribe (to find good deals with brands), StoryArt (for cool stories), and Rayka (to socialize with other influencers!)

Anything you’re currently working on?

Great things are coming. I never knew this industry was so interesting and I’m using all the network I can to bring you guys something interesting soon. Stay tuned!!


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