Destination Lapland: Finland’s Magical Winter Experience From the Eyes of @Sonchicc

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Are you traveling to Finland anytime soon? Well, Helsinki might be on your mind, to bring you the best international travel tips we spoke with content creator Sofi in Wonderland, who shares with us this Northern European country’s other great destination: Lapland. You may also know her by her infamous alias, @Sonchicc. This beautiful region just happens to be where you’re going to catch the Northern Lights in Finland, along with plenty of other amazing experiences. Sonchicc breaks down the details on what you need to know when visiting here, that will have you looking up flights to Lapland in no time.

What To Do

Hands down, the best time of the year to take a trip to Lapland is during winter. You’ll feel as though you’ve landed in a magical winter wonderland with all the fun things to do there this time of the year. Sonchicc gives us plenty of great options that appeal to travelers of all ages. Get in the Christmas spirit by visiting Rudolph and friends at a local reindeer farm, or hang with Santa and his elves at Tontulla Village. Most importantly, don’t forget to look up. Lapland is fabulous for stargazing in a nice, warm jacuzzi or chasing the famous Northern Lights.

How To Stay Active

As mentioned, winter is the perfect time to visit Lapland. According to Sonchicc, this part of Finland is “mostly about nature and winter landscapes”, which means staying active can involve some classic winter activities. Spend a day skiing in Levi Husky Park or borrow some snowshoes from your hotel to walk around. Not only are you getting to check out the area, but you’ll be keeping fit at the same time.

Where To Meet Other Humans

Sonchicc reminds us that you can meet people even before you set foot in Lapland. The plane ride over is a perfect opportunity to chat up your fellow passengers. If you hit it off, make plans to meet up during your stay. Some other ideas for places to meet people art galleries and national parks. Not sure where to start?  This list features some local art spots in Lapland.

Where To Eat

Head to the restaurant at the Northern Lights Ranch. This family-style venue offers traditional Finnish cuisine. You won’t run out of choices either, as Sonchicc mentions the menu changes every day. The food is fresh, and while they might not be the most picture-worthy meals, at the end of the day the food is “really tasty”, which is most important. Plus, a “super friendly and kind” staff doesn’t hurt either.

Where To Stay

The Northern Lights Ranch isn’t just a place to eat; it’s also a great place to stay as well. Get even more adventurous by staying at Levin Iglut. This igloo hotel features modern-style igloos with glass ceilings and walls, which means you get some amazing views of the sky and forest around you. Sonchicc says this place creates a “really amazing feeling”. While you might be put off by the word ‘igloo’, this hotels feature all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay, including a small kitchen, toilet, shower, and a bed for two. A private or public outdoor jacuzzi is also available.

Equipment & Editing Software

With pretty winter landscapes and the Northern Lights, you’re definitely want to capture some great pictures for Instagram like Sonchicc. The camera she uses is the Olympus oemd em5 mark 2, along with a tripod.

The programs Sonchicc uses for editing her content are Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO and Facetune.

international travel tips lapland finland
international travel tips lapland finland

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