19-Year-Old Entrepreneur & Gen Z Marketing Guru Connor Blakley

Gen Z Marketing Guru Connor Blakley was recently named CMO of The Campus Agency. The Ohio native created his first small business venture, a social media agency that catered to targeting youth. By 15, Connor was working with over 30 small-mid level businesses scattered across the country, boasting a rolodex of other mentors that include Mitchell ModellDaymond JohnHarvey MckayJay Abraham, along with fellow peers such as Jake PaulDallas Austin, and Jace Norman.

Who was your biggest inspiration as a kid growing up?

As cheesy and typical as it might be, my biggest inspiration as a kid growing up was my Dad. Watching him grind through the 2007/2008 recession to make sure my family was taken care of changed the way I viewed the world and what family means to me.

How important do you feel school is for success in today’s economy?

Obviously, everyone has a different path to success. I feel like college is right for some people. However, if we’re talking about the economy, student loan debt is about to cripple the U.S. economy andcatapult us into the next 2008. College is an unproductive place to learn about yourself, for 4 years you place your value in externalities and when you leave college your supposed to enter “the real world” which is super ironic, because in order to enter the “real world” that must mean your world was never real to begin with.

If you can hire one person to work alongside you, who would it be and why?

I would hire someone who is a finisher. I am horrible at organizing or tracking anything, but I am a quick starter who can get the first 50% of something done quicker and more efficiently than anyone else!

What are the biggest misconception brands have about generation z?

We don’t have the attention span of goldfish. We use that 6-8 seconds to decipher what kind of content we deem worthy of our attention.

How important is influencer marketing for brands targeting college students?

Influencer marketing in 2019 is more powerful than anything else.

If there is one thing you can educate influencers on being more effective marketers what would that be?

We need to hear, and not just listen. We need to stop having consumers come over to where we are at, but rather go meet them where they are. People try to act like there is a difference between our “work” and “personal” life, if someone believes that, they are playing themselves.

Which social media platform have you seen bring the highest results for your clients?

YouTube is the most powerful platform in the world to move commerce. If I’m a brand right now I’m spending over half of my attention on YouTube alone.

Where do you see yourself at age 30?

Extremely wealthy with a wife and 4 kids doing everything I can to carry out whatever my adventure is at the time.

Will snapchat still be around then?

In a way, ephemeral messaging and sexting are too powerful to be completely dissipated.

What book are you currently reading or has had the biggest impact on your life?

Sometimes being a young entrepreneur, you forget older people have gone through very similar experiences in different ways. Jerry Weintraubs autobiography called “When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead” was such validation that maybe someday my craziness can pay off.

Do you have any habits or rituals that contribute to your success?

Every night I go through my phone and call six people in my contact list I haven’t recently caught up with. I also have a file on every single person I meet with a list on everything I know about them. Other than that, I’m still trying to figure everything out.

Favorite client meeting spot or activity?

In Cleveland, I love this spot in Ohio City called Townhall. I have never taken anyone there who wasn’t blown away.

In LA, I usually like going to Barry’s Boot Camp with people, Keith Ferrerazi inspired me to do this when he took me.

What are 5 apps you can’t live without?

I can live without apps period 🙂