The Hungary Games: How To Make the Most Out of Your Trip to Budapest

Trip to Budapest

Hungary is a country smack dab in Central Europe. Residing between Austria and Romania, it’s in the middle where the East meets the West. It’s most famous city, Budapest, also happens to be the country’s capital. Like many European nations, Hungary has a lot of history and culture to explore, and while many travelers know visiting Budapest is a must, figuring out how to get the most out of your time here might seem like an adventure in itself. The good news is we found our very own Katniss to help us find our way. Content creator @kindregardsjulie shares with us her Hungary travel tips.


What To Do

If you’re into history, you’ll definitely want to make your way over to St. Matthias Church in Budapest, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Not only has it been the place where coronations for Hungarian Kings were held, but as far as architecture goes, it’s one of the most unique churches in Europe. Right next to it is Fisherman’s Bastion, which is a lookout tower providing great panoramic views of Budapest – a perfect place to snag some outstanding pictures for Instagram. Julie adds that the best time to go is early in the morning. This way, you beat the tourist rush.

Trip to Budapest

Must-See Art

The Hunger Games reference wasn’t for nothing. That’s because there’s actually a popular place here called District 7. In this district, however, it’s about finding great street art. Julie says the artists here have created a “chill or rage” style that you “simply can’t ignore.”

Just between you and me, the ideal time to head here is when the sun goes down. The lowering sunlight creates cool changes to the colors in the paintings.


Where To Meet Other Humans

Turns out, District 7 offers more than just street art. It’s also where you’re going to find the best bars, which Julie tells us is a great way to meet other people when traveling to Hungary. Her top recommendation is the Szimpla Kert Bar. This place was once an old factory before it was converted into a pub. The interior of this place is really awesome to check out and definitely photo-worthy. Plus, according to their website, they routinely host concerts, theater shows, and cultural events.

Best Places To Eat

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far for good food, as was the case for Julie. She stayed at the Hilton Hotel Budapest, and as luck would have it, the hotel’s restaurant was also her favorite place to eat. “Elegant” and “cozy” are just a few of the descriptions she mentions in regards to the ambiance of the restaurant. Good service is always a huge plus and Julie tells us the staff here was “the most polite staff that I’ve met within all of Europe.” Healthy food options and a great locale for Instagram pics round out the reasons this is the place to go for food in Budapest.


Where To Stay

As mentioned earlier, Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest is a must-see place when traveling to Hungary. Turns out though, you can also stay there as well. Julie’s hotel, the Hilton Hotel Budapest, is actually a part of Fisherman’s Bastion in an area known as the Castle District. This means you’ll have the chance to stay right on a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. Since the hotel is connected to the Bastion, you’ll get incredible views during your stay as well.

Trip to Budapest

Equipment and Editing

Travel is all about making memories, but we also want to document those memories as best as possible, so who better to ask than an established content creator? For her content, Julie uses the Canon EOS 750D, Nikon Z6, GoPro, and the iPhones 6, 8, and 10X

For editing purposes, Julie suggests using Lightroom and urges travelers to give it a chance. “I know it is hard in the beginning but you will love it at the end.”

Be sure to follow Julie’s travels around the world on Instagram at @kindregardsjulie


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