Style Your Intentions for 2019

What we decide to put on in the morning is the first important decision of our day. A rule of thumb that I always follow is, if you didn’t put it together in 5 minutes it’s not a strong outfit. Always go with your gut feeling about these things. When I do I always have an amazing and productive day.

As we start the new year we reflect 2018 andset intentions to make 2019 that much better.. Our style is no different.

Through research, and a little gut instinct, here are some ideas of things you should be wearing in 2019 according to the new you.




The poster girl of Boho style has always been and will always be, Vanessa Hudgens. Flowing florals, crystals and fringe are commonly associated with this, but it’s more. Bohemian style incites a feeling of freedom and wonder. It’s the person who is always asking why, traveling to the least traveled places and connecting with the locals. More often than not they are the wanderers of the group, wanting to surf the waves of Hawaii or climb Kilimanjaro. This person should gravitate toward pieces with movement. Earth tones are a must, think of browns, oranges, and reds. These colors make us feel warm and connected to one another.

Street Smart


AKA the hype beasts. The person who can pull off green pants and a purple coat with an orange shirt. You never know how they do it but they always do. They predict what the next best thing is going to be. They know their fashion and they know their brands, that’s how they create their outfits. Mixing high fashion with thrift finds is key to accomplishing the look. Save your money and buy the Louis Vuitton crossbody but pair it with some regular blue jeans and a Nike t-shirt. Creativity is at the heart of any street style expert.



You’ve seen them, the people who look like they could really run the world. Those are the high fashion people, they don’t always have to follow the “rules” but they always look top notch. They see fashion as more than what the celebrities wear, they pay attention closer than you would think. High, low, it doesn’t matter to them. This person oozes with confidence. This person will take the most unexpected shirt or accessory and turn it into something magical. They’re the opposite of a chameleon, more like a bird of paradise. They want to be seen. If this fits you, don’t stay away from trendy items but take them with a grain of salt. High fashion isn’t always heels and a floor-length gown it can be sweats and sneakers too.

Soho Artist


These are the people we idolize on Twitter. The creatives that no matter what, are always doing something to amaze us. The main thing to pay attention to is the underground scene. Not to sound cliche . . . . but underground culture is at an all-time high in fashion. It’s no longer a trickle down from high fashion brands to the consumer. In today’s world it’s about what the people are doing, what are they wearing, what do they like? Pay attention to those around you and should achieve this style quite easily.