Southeast Asian Countries You Need to Visit in 2019

If your New Years Resolution is to travel more, you’re in luck. We have the top countries in Southeast Asia that you HAVE to visit in the new year. At the end of 2018, there was an increase of travelers setting their destination to countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. With good reason. These countries, and others like it, offer a tranquil and picturesque escape from the concrete jungle most of us live in. Travel agencies like Travel Leaders offer their clients quick escapes to these gifts of nature.


Both Bali and Jakarta are world renowned travel destinations in Indonesia but with a total of 17,000 islands, you can never go wrong. “The island of Sumatra has the beautiful Danau Toba lake in the north and in the west it has the highest volcano in Indonesia called Mount Kerinci,” explained Sonia Tauer.

A unique trait in Eastern Indonesia is Komodo Island. If you’ve ever wanted Planet Earth, you’ve listened to David Attenborough explain the beauty and rarity of the island. Komodo Island is just what the name says it is, an island loaded with Komodo Dragons. It’s quite the sight to see and the only place you’ll ever see something like it.


Around every corner, you’ll find something to amaze you in Kyoto. Whether its a tour through the Geisha district, discovering new and exciting foods or shopping in the Nishiki market, there is something for everyone. Traditional Japanese dishes like omen noodles can be found at every market stall. Omen is much like ramen but with rich and thicker noodles. They have been apart of Japanese cultures for centuries.

Just outside of the city lies Buddhist temples. The most notable being the Byōdō-in temple in Uji. The temple offers us a historical view of the landscape and lets the imagination run wild. Kyoto is on the rise and might even surpass Tokyo in popularity.


Thailand has every hot spot you could ever want on a vacation. Traditional Buddhist temples, alluring pale sand beaches, and mountains for the adventurers. “There are many Buddha temples in every town. The beaches in Phuket and Koh Samui are very clean and have blue waters similarly to what you would see in the Caribbean” Shirish Trivedi recounted.

Of course, no Thailand vacation is complete without at least one day in Bangkok. Most famous for its architecture and floating market, this city has been a traveler’s dream for the past few years. If the city isn’t your thing then take a trip down to Koh Lanta where the water creates a serene atmosphere.


Even before the phenomenon of Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore was a marveled by travelers from all over. Some trips with cover multiple countries so you can get the most out of your trip. Valerie Lederle commented on the abundance of food markets here, “They are the heart of the food scene in Singapore and are found all over the city. They are inexpensive, have a great variety and the food is so tasty.” Another hotspot is Chinatown. Inside is the Tooth Relic Temple that is supposed to hold one of the teeth from Buddha.