As RAW As It Gets

Nothing will make up for not having the RAW experience for yourself. But at least we have the all the juicy photos from the RAW POP UP event that captivated Miami and can be identified as the underground side of Art Basel.

From December 5th through the 9th, 90 talented creatives from a variety of disciplines showcased their work. They successfully changed a rundown department store into an epicenter of art and culture. Raw pop up has been drawing a loyal and growing crowd to their previous pop-ups, it’s no surprise they had over 10,000 guests attending.  Ranging from influencer directors, curators, editors, city officials, cultured locals and the many Baselers in town for the weekend. Not to mention some big names like iHeart Media, Miami New Times, VICE, Sean Kelly Gallery NYC, Billboard, I mean the list goes on and on.

RAW POP UP creates immersive experiences. They convey stories through their location, artists, and performers to bring you an interesting and interactive show. They disregard the rule of “look don’t touch” and encourage you to play around with the art. This is known as the Interactive Art Movement and is based on creating human connections.

PAPER Magazine even wrote, “the 43,000 square foot space [was] transformed into an exploratory environment with a heavy dose of nostalgia, culminating in a dystopian nightclub experience.” If nostalgia is your goal then you HAVE to have an 80s food court, old-school beauty parlor, roller derby performances all the other fixings.

To end all of it, the final stop was at the Alt_Future nightclub. It welcomed musicians from all backgrounds including, La Vida Boheme and Vōx along with the Frost School of Music from the University of Miami. Sounds amazing right? Keep scrolling to see more photos 😉