Our Most Engaging Content Creator Is….

This past November AXCESS our sister company, produced the first influencer food festival, A Taste of Influence. We invited some of Miami’s top local content creators in the food, travel, fashion and lifestyle categories to experience some of the best culinary venues in South Beach including Barceloneta, Tequiztlan, and Barton G.

We tracked the posts and story’s and found one creator that stood out with the highest number of interactions with her posts. @linalunamar with 11 story posts she generated 7852 impressions and 1178 taps on @bartongmia we felt this was something worth recognizing, so we asked Lina to give us a little peek into her life.

What is Your Professional Background?

I studied television production in Colombia. When I completed my studies, I went to Argentina, where I worked for one year on two small TV shows and 5 years at a modeling agency as a fashion booker. In this position, I was fortunate to travel to Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and New York doing editorials with fashion producer and blogger Natalia Zubeldia (@Natizubeldia) and photographer Juan Jauregui (@jaureguijuanph). What great experiences! At the end of my time in Argentina, I returned to Colombia to visit my family and then I went to work for a year at an agency in Mexico. Now, I am in the process of settling down in Fort Lauderdale and seeing what new adventures and challenges will come.

Do You Work on Social Media Content Full Time or Do You Have Another Job/Business?

Since arriving in the United States, I’ve dedicated myself to that, but more so as a hobby and for networking. However, I’ve learned that it is a job that requires a lot of time and dedication. Many people think it’s just an easy task of just uploading photos, but it requires a complete production. You have to create and develop a concept, take the picture (sometimes using a tripod and taking it myself), edit photos, maintain consistency, and interact with your community.

How Do You Find Balance Between Creating Content and Your Personal Life?

Well, we live between reality and Instagram, and of course, not everything is rosy, but who would like an app where everyone shows their problems or sadness?

I keep my Facebook more private and use it to connect with friends and family, posting more group photos, updates, and more private things.

Instagram on the other hand, is a visual and public platform that creates a community around content that is cute, striking, out of the ordinary, and features a personal touch. The balance lies in being more real and authentic, knowing when to disconnect and enjoy moments, and in turn, transform them into a photo or video that will remain as a memory.

When Did you Start Actively Sharing on Social Media and What Led You Here?

While working with @natizubeldia  in Argentina (she inspired me a lot). I also managed the social networks of the agency. At the same time, I started taking photos of my daily life at the agency, including moments backstage, at events and during trips. That’s how my community was created. My audience is mostly from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and now the USA.

What Do You Find To Be The Most Difficult Challenge as A Social Media Content Creator?

Keeping up the consistency day by day. What happens if one day you wake up sick and you stay in bed all day? You need to have backup content. Also keeping up with but with everything in the industry including the algorithm changes that they keep making.

Who is Your Biggest Inspiration?

I couldn’t name just one. I think it’s a whole community that is part of Instagram, but recently I’ve been following @angelablones. Her rock star effect and brand creation guides you and focuses on what’s important. She is the best.

Creating Authentic Engagement with Your audience is Something You Seem to Have Mastered, How Can Creators or Brands Do Better at Connecting with Their Audience?

Dedication and time. You can’t just wait for people to come to you. This has to be a two-way road, you have to be part of their community too.


How Do Algorithm Changes Affect You?

A lot. It takes more time and effort, and sometimes it’s frustrating to create nice content that might not reach many people.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Brands You Worked With?

Some of my favorites are Daniel Wellington, Abbot Nyc, cooking with Krogger, Gro travel and Aventura Mall.

How Can Brands Do A Better Job Working with Influencers?

Developing the concept of the campaign and guidelines ahead of time, taking the time to look at each profile and what personal touch each one has to contribute to the brand, and to not focus just on followers but also content quality.

Any Tips or Tricks You Wanna Share?

My recommendation is to stay informed, be innovative, and be one step ahead.

Another tip is to add locations and hashtags, even in the stories, so you will allow people who are in the same place or interested in the place to see your content. You can also reciprocate by viewing stories of places and hashtags to discover more people.

What Are Your Top Apps?

  • Unfold,
  • Splice
  • Inshot
  • Enlight
  • Lightroom,
  • VSCO,
  • Sparkpost,
  • Picsart,
  • Planoly,  
  • Hypetype.