Up Close and Personal: Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi

Entrepreneur; social media star; DJ; producer; Gianluca Vacchi is a man who triumphs whatever he puts his hands to. His athletic, hedonistic, daredevil playboy antics on social media made him a star whose charisma people were naturally drawn to, and after amassing an enormous following he decided to follow his dreams in music. Having made his passion and commitment for music clear by announcing the launch of his DJ and production career, he has quickly become a major force in the music industry—and he’s only just getting started. 

I wanted to know more about what drives him, how he got his start, and where he sees himself moving forward. It’s my pleasure to share this exclusive interview with global entertainer and social media star Gianluca Vacchi.

What were you doing before becoming a global entertainer on social media?

I was an entrepreneur. Even now, I’m still an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t absorb all my time anymore like it used to. Once I stopped finding inspiration in the work I was doing or learning anything new, that was when I decided to walk away from being a full-time entrepreneur. 

Did you work from home or an office?

No, I wouldn’t work from an office. I always worked from my cell phone. It’s like those kids who can’t sit still at school, you know? That’s me. For me, it’s the same thing as trying to sit still in an office. 

Recently you took on the music world and became a DJ. Is there anything else on your bucket list that you’d like to achieve or experience?

Oh yes. So many things, but I don’t even know what they are. The thing that keeps on fascinating me about my life is that I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. 

I’m open to everything. For example, I’d love to be an actor at some point in my life. I’d like to have as many experiences as possible. Once you’ve transitioned from one career or lifestyle to another, you can do it again and again. You’re more flexible and open to new ideas and opportunities.

Do you collect any art?

I am a contemporary art collector. It’s not the largest, but I have quite a collection. I started collecting art with the first money I ever earned. I’m very into activism art, including some works from Shirin Neshat and Travey Emin. 

Shirin Neshat is an Iranian woman who started doing art to create awareness about the conditions of women in Iran. It’s very powerful. 

Tracey Emin, is an up and coming artist.  She was raped when she was younger and she makes art with blankets from hotels. 

I also love photography.

Who are the people who have had the biggest impact on your life?  

There’s only one and that’s my father. When I was 16, I was watching businessmen like they were gods, but none of them were really role models to me; I didn’t identify with them. Only with my dad. 

What was the most challenging moment in your life?

Probably when I started in business. When I was 24, I risked everything my father had.  I borrowed from the bank 4-5 times my father’s net worth. I bought out the shares of my family’s company from my relatives who weren’t interested in the business. 

At that time, the company wasn’t as big as it is today. Fortunately, at that time, bankers were still doing their job and financing ideas. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned from a mistake? 

You have to be calm and patient. Sometimes I made mistakes because I didn’t wait long enough. It’s very difficult when you’re a very active person and want to do new things every day. You just need to stay calm and wait for it. You can’t speed up the course of the events too much. But I still have the same problem now, because I’m older and don’t think I have enough time. 

How do you define happiness?

Being aware that I’m using all of my talents. I don’t want to waste time. I want to use all the talents that nature has given me. Even if they’re a lot or a few. I don’t know how many there are! I just need to know that I’m not wasting time and using those talents to make my life great. 

How do you want to be remembered? 

As a person who had the courage to approach things unconventionally. I hate anything conventional. 

As an entrepreneur, what is your greatest skill?

Being able to see things from a different angle. Very often entrepreneurs will hire consultants to show them things from a different angle, because they need that. So, my skill is that I am already able to see things in an unconventional way – from a different point of view. Every time I do something, I ask myself, what is the conventional way for how this should be done, and for sure, I’m doing the opposite! 

What kind of advice would you give to any young entrepreneurs starting out in their careers? 

Try to understand that everything is possible and you only live once. Don’t be scared of risk. Risk, risk, risk!  We don’t live forever. If you are convinced, jump! Leave what’s certain for what’s uncertain if you want to achieve something. Nowadays, young people are scared. At least in Europe, they’re speaking about crisis, risk, and problems. They’re scared and very spoiled. The previous generation achieved a high economic level, so this generation is living off what their father and grandfather earned. They have to take risks and shouldn’t be scared to do it. 

You’re obviously in great shape. Is there a specific diet or lifestyle you live by? 

No, I don’t believe in extreme regimens. The only advice I can give is to eat 5 or 6 times a day. Eat often and eat anything. Anytime you renounce something, that craving comes back stronger. But don’t exaggerate either. You want to live by something sustainable that you can manage your whole life. Therefore, it can’t be extreme. If I was training two hours a day and eating a strict diet, I’d only be able to do it for a month. Once a week though, I allow myself to exaggerate. For that one day, I eat everything as much as I want. Then the day after, I have more strength to renounce that food. The brain and body are connected. You have to keep your metabolism surprised. 

You travel a lot. How do you maintain your workout routine?

When I travel to my houses, it’s no problem because I always have a gym at home. Hotels are no problem either, because they have gyms. When I get off a flight and people ask me if I want to rest, I say, “Of course, take me to the treadmill.” Some people retire at the end of the day by laying on their beds watching Instagram, but I’m on the treadmill. Rest is also mental. If don’t feel that I’m doing my best to keep in shape, I won’t be happy, so I always do it – even when I travel. 

Gianluca Vacchi

Is there anything else we can expect from you? 

There could be many things. I’m studying everything. I joined social media, because I noticed how the conventional dialogue of young people is changing. So, I said to myself that there’s room to become a global entertainer. You can expect many things. I have lots of things in mind. 


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