Experience The True Brazil With The Escape Artists


Destinations like Brazil can be overcrowded and it takes the luster away from it all. Luckily we have The Escape Artists, Sydney and Davis to guide us through it all. They compiled the best-hidden gems and shared them with us all.

Where To Find The Best Views In Brazil

Brazil is known for its amazing street art, but what about everything else? Sydney & Davis assure us that the “architecture and natural wonders” of Brazil are just as stunning. Her first highlight is the “dramatic hills and coastlines of Rio de Janeiro.” It would be a crime to not visit Christ the Redeemer in Rio, but they say the mix of beach, mountains, and city life all blew her away.

Paraty is another spot to catch some artistic vibes. This old colonial town is “everything you could ever want.” From its white buildings with colorfully painted doors to towering palms with blooming flower beds at the base. Who can resist the looming mountain range just beyond the town? The pair say “it has all the charm of a European town, but with the vibrancy of Latin America.”

Iguacu National Park houses over 275 waterfalls that span across roughly 650 square miles. They describe the park as, “an incredible sight to see, there are seemingly endless waterfalls with trails leading to all of them.” The trails give you access to the waterfalls and make you feel as if you’re in your own little oasis.

The wonderful beaches at Maragogi and Japaratinga are among the top in the world. Sydney believes the beaches of Northern Brazil are a strong competitor to the ones in the Carribean or Southeast Asia. By the photos we’ve seen, we couldn’t agree more. The best part about these beaches is they are relatively untouched by tourism. So please be respectful if you decide to visit here.

Iguacu National Park

Staying Active While Abroad

With mountain ranges like these, hiking is a sure-fire way to stay active. The duo recommends going to Florianopolis and taking a few days to hike up the mountains on the southern part of the island.

Meeting Like-Minded People

Sydney and Davis tell us that “retreat centers and places with epic sunset views” are the best places to socialize. They stayed on an island south of Rio called Ilha Grande. Here the villas have double duty. The villas act as a yoga retreat center that also has communal meals. Sounds like the perfect place to meet some awesome people.

While on the island of Boipeba, they stayed in a glass treehouse on the top of the hill, “where every night they opened it up for drinks and meals.” Of course, while they ate they also enjoyed an unbeatable sunset.

Ilha Grande

Places To Eat

The pair’s favorite place to eat in Rio is Oteque. They tell us its an up and coming restaurant that’s “worth the splurge.” It’s kind of a hole in the wall. The restaurant is located in what seems to be more of a residential area. The only sign that you’re at the right place, is a tiny wooden sign above the door that says Oteque.

From the description the pair gives us, Oteque reminds me of the kinds of restaurants you see on Netflix’s Chef’s Table. The restaurant serves an 8-course tasting menu and changes every single night. They only serve what’s in season in the region and aim to showcase local tastes in a high-class way. The pair adhere to a paleo diet but Sydney is also a vegan, which makes finding food much harder. They said Oteque had no problem with the accommodations and they were still able to enjoy the full experience here.

Don’t think this spot could get any better? You’re wrong. Oteque features an open kitchen where you can watch the talented chef prepare your meal right in front of you. They’re more like artists here as Davis puts it, “They pay close attention to colors, textures, and plating that make it an exciting experience.”


Where To Sleep In Brazil

Sydney and Davis highlight O Ceu de Boipeba. “There’s a bohemian chic feel to all the wooden flooring and furniture, with large glass walls you get the best views of the island.” The look is great, but what about the sustainability aspect? The pair say the cabin is built into the hillside and lets the natural foliage of the forest do its thing. There are no cars allowed on the island, which means there is minimal pollution from transportation.

Due to there being no cars, you have to get everywhere on foot which promotes a healthy culture. Sydney and Davis say that every path on the island ends ack at the beach. So after a long day of walking and hiking, you’re treated with views of “crystal clear turquoise waters for miles.”

Ceu de Boipeba

Equipment & Editing

The type of lighting you need all depends on what you’re trying to shoot. For softer lighting, Sydney and Davis say that sunrise and sunset are the best. Around midday will give you the brightest light since the sun is highest in the sky. The pair use this light for any beach or ocean photos they need to take.

Sydney and Davis use a Canon 5D Mark iii with a 16mm – 35mm lens for more confined spaces, and a 50mm  for up-close shots. For underwater shots and videos, they use a GoPro Hero7. For editing, the duo uses Lightroom with their own presents. When they need to add more enhancements they look to Photoshop.


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