Training is for bosses, period.

Many managers feel that training employees should be left for someone else. So, they go hire a training company to train your team….big mistake!

 It’s simple; no one understands your business like you do. No one understands what is really necessary like you do. Therefor it’s foolish to allow an outsider to come teach your employees how to do a job they’re an outsider to. 

 Many companies put a strong emphasis on the interview and vetting process, they measure the statistics of their hiring ratios, how many hirees per interview, etc. while having these statistics is interesting, what they really lack is the level of productivity and performance by the newly hired employees. Not only is it crucial to be sure you’re employees are properly trained in order to achieve improved product or better service (which leads to profit) but it also shows your employees that the people they are working for are equally invested in regards to both time and energy. 

 You don’t think you have time to train your managers?

 Training is quite simply one of the highest leverage activities a manager can perform.

Consider for a moment the possibility of your putting on a series of four lectures for members of your department. Lets count on three hours preparation for each hour of course time, 12 hours of work in total. Now, lets say that you have 10 students in your class.

Next year they’ll work a total of about 20,000 hours for your organization, if your training efforts resulted in a 1% improvement in your subordinates performance, your company will gain the equivalent of 200 hours of work as the result of the expenditure of your 12 hours.

 When interviewing managers it’s common to ask have you ever fired anyone? Or how many people have you fired? Or how would you go about firing someone? These are all great questions.

 But what should really be asked is “When you fired someone did you know with certainty that that employee both understood the expectations of the job and was still missing them?” If you don’t train your people, you establish no basis for performance management and as a result performance management in your company will be sloppy and inconsistent.

Reduce employee turnover

Investing in your employees will let them know you are interested in developing their skills. As a result they tend to stay longer and contribute more to your business. Recruiting replacement staff is expensive, time consuming and risky. It’s much better to train and retain your best people in the first place. Technical, management and administrative training courses can be as good a pay rise during difficult times.

Without a proper training program growth can actually destroy your company, what I mean by that is as you grow you will need to hire additional people on your team, if you don’t have a killer training program everyone will be running with their own ideas and their own program which will turn the company into chaos.

Two primary reasons people quit good jobs:

 They hate their manager. Generally the employees are appalled by the lack of guidance, career development and feedback they were given.

 They weren’t learning anything. The company wasn’t investing resources in helping employees develop new skills.

 An outstanding training program can address both issues, head on.

 3 Points to apply to your training program:

 1. You (boss or dept. boss) should be the one training new employees.

 2. Create a document called good manager vs bad manager (or fill in the specific role), this should highlight specific scenarios — what a good manager would do versus what a bad manager would do (i.e. good managers create collateral, FAQ’s, presentations and white papers to be leveraged by the sales dept., marketing dept. etc. whilst a bad manager complains that they spend all day answering questions and are swamped.) This paints a clear picture of what they should be doing and what they should stay away from doing.

3. Take your best people and encourage them to share their most developed skills such as negotiating, interviewing, finance etc. This will enhance your companies competency in those areas and boost employee moral. Teaching can also become a badge of honor for employees who achieve an elite level of competence.

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