Social Media is Driving Sales for These Entrepreneurs

Social media is a wealth of opportunity, it’s created entirely new brands, and destroyed established companies that have failed to keep up.

With an abundance of different software, platforms, and strategies, it can be difficult to decipher between what will work for your business and what won’t. We’ve asked for some advice from real entrepreneurs who are already using social media marketing, and here’s what they told us:

Who Is Your Audience?

Creating content without a clear idea of your audience’s identity is like speaking English in a French crowd; it makes you look silly. Companies are investing tons of capital into content creation, but they’re forgetting to cater it towards their audience. They might as well just drop stacks of bills on the street, or worse. If you’re not taking in to account the taste of your audience, not only are you wasting money, you’re probably damaging your reputation too.

Adrianne Meyer, A Social Media Strategist and Content Creator for Bandit Coffee Co. and Sam Villa says, “Once I really nailed down who my audience was, I’ve been able to focus on creating content specifically geared towards them. This has allowed me to create some guidelines for my content. So I still get to be creative, but also effective.” 

Stay Consistent!

Another extremely important thing to consider when dealing with social media marketing is consistency. Users are always hungry for content online, and the best way to harness that hunger is by being the content they consume whenever possible. And by consistently posting, you’ve become the stand-by pizza at the food court. Always there, and always in the back of everyone’s mind. And that’s good for business. It can be tricky to keep up with that insatiable hunger, though. But being that trail of breadcrumbs has a huge payoff.

“Consistency has proven to be important, too. Once I determined how much content I’m willing to produce, I’ve taken great care to schedule my posts so that my followers have a steady stream, rather than random bursts. I really focus on the quality of my writing and photos, to make sure that it’s always on point. I think of my strategy as more of a formula for social success than anything else. Social Media is always changing and it is important to evolve with it.” Says Meyer.

Expand Your Scope

Artist and Writer Jules Gissler has expanded her reach via social media “I’ve been able to connect with clients outside of my area, and widen my geographical audience by posting content I know my target demographic will respond to.”

We were once limited to our geographical location for our customer base. That hasn’t been true since the invention of the internet, and now social media can provide even more global recognition for your brand.

Stay Focused!

Social media is a great place to share with the world, but it can also be a bit of a distraction. With so much content being fed to us, it can be hard to stay focused, and sometimes there’s pressure to change your message. It’s super important to stay honest in your posts. 

Photographer Nabila Hossain says, “I’ve had some really great results by using social media, my bottom line has definitely benefited! We often get wrapped up in viewing followers and likes as the truth to a campaign, but it’s smart to take a step back and evaluate the social metrics associated with your overall goals. That’s the best way to keep your audience engaged as competition for their attention grows.”

In A Crowded Space, Authenticity Is A Must

Adrianne Meyer, Social Media Strategist says,”I think ever entrepreneur struggles with feeling like their niche is oversaturated. The biggest challenge is keeping consistent and always creating. I think the key is to constantly stay true to yourself and your brand. Be consistent in your work and you will find where you belong in your business.”

Be Prepared For Growing Pains

Social Media is now a core element of almost every successful company, so it needs to be given the right amount of attention. But with all of this expansion, it can be tough to keep up with the constant demand. 

“I find it difficult to be available to answer the questions I get on our FaceBook page all of the time. Sometimes customers are looking for an immediate response, or ordering take-out online. While it’s definitely increased business, these things are tough to keep up with” says Theresa Taylor, proprietor of The Windsor Diner in Windsor, VT.