Pippa in Portugal: The Path Less Taken

Where I’m from in Massachusettes, it seems like every day one of your friends just came back from their trip to Portugal. None of their stories compares to Pippa of @la_wandereuse on Instagrams’. Portugal has so much to offer its visitors. From the traditional destinations of Lisbon to the tiny quarters of an 18 seat restaurant, there’s a surprise around every corner. Follow Pippa and ARTRPRNR as we take you through Pippa’s unforgettable experience in Portugal.

What To Do

One museum that Pippa dreams of going to is the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga located in Lisbon. After a trip to the museum, head to a tiny open-front bar called “A Ginjinha.” Located in the main square, this bar serves a traditional drink called ginjinha or “ginja.” “It’s a popular Portuguese liqueur (that is served with cherries) and it’s absolutely delicious” Pippa comments.

When visiting Porto, you have to try their world-famous sandwich A Francesinha. Got to Gazela, a local restaurant that sells “the best hotdog in the world” or cachorrinhos.


Pippa noticed both in Lisbon and Porto art installations on the sides of many buildings. These aren’t ordinary installations either. The bunny in Porto and the fox and raccoon in Lisbon are a part of a unique message. Bordalo II created these pieces as waste-based street art. In other terms, the artist uses trash found in the streets as his material. Pippa’s final words, “Definitely something I won’t forget and so glad I saw!”

Staying Active

Pippa likes to stick to the traditional walking. In cities like Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra this can be quite the workout. Most cities in Portugal feature hills, the incline really helps with staying fit. Other popular ways of staying active are swimming and bike riding. Both do double duty, you can exercise and get the perfect insta shots.


There are tons of places to meet other like-minded people. Most popular is of course where the locals hang. So markets like, Martim Moniz and Parque Eduardo VII or Lisbon’s world-renowned Rua Nova do Carvalho (Pink Street) are great spots.

Don’t miss out on the Fado shows either.

Best Eats

One place Pippa found was Taberna dos Mercadores residing in Porto. This cozy spot only seats 18 people max and provides a charming atmosphere. Sitting that close to people, you’re bound to make new friends. Most of the menu is seafood based and uses the freshest of ingredients. For the foodies out there Pippa says that the food is plated amazingly and definitely calls for a photo op.

Pippa has lets us in on a secret spot that she adores, Flor da Laranja. A Moroccan restaurant that calls Lisbon it’s home. The secret? The restaurant is run entirely by one amazing woman, Rabea. Rabea lives in Lisbon and has so for the past two decades, making mouth-watering Moroccan food. Pippa says, “It’s really like dining in her home and such a special experience.”

Where to Sleep

Pippa chose to stay in an Airbnb in the district of Graca. The town is small, quiet, and a perfect place to sleep after a long day of adventure. It’s only a 15-minute walk to the center and you can get there by metro.

Equipment and Editing

Pippa’s weapon of choice is the Canon Rebel T7i. She purchased it last year and fell in love. She swapped the lens kit out for the Sigma 18-35 mm Art Lens and hasn’t looked back. Lightroom is her main software for editing on the desktop and will occasionally use the Photoshop Fix app for small touch-ups.


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Igreja de Santo Ildefonso, Porto
Rua Nova do Carvalho (Pink Street)
Ribeira, Porto