Why Get Lost in Jaipur? Charu Goyal Has The Answers


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to visit Jaipur? Well, we have the answer and it’s all thanks to Charu Goyal of @travelwithcg. From the beautiful landscape of Central Park to the rich royal history of the city, Charu has given us the perfect way to visit Jaipur.

Thought we were going to give her secrets up that quick? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

Where’s the Art?

There is no shortage of when it comes to art in Jaipur. The city alone has the, “most mesmerizing sights in the world.” From beautiful marble carvings to museums displaying hand printings, Charu says, “everything in North India is an example of great art.” You’ll be surprised by the amount of art you see and where you’ll see it. Even walking the streets of Jaipur, you’ll find artistic wonders found nowhere else on Earth.

Chaur thinks the Royal Gaitor is hands down the coolest spot she visited. You may not think a cemetery is worth seeing when visiting Jaipur but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this one. The architecture alone will be sure to draw you in. Chaur says she highly recommends visiting this pot before you leave.

Staying Active

Like most others, Chaur loves to just get lost in the destination they’re visiting. Walking around is not only a great way to get your daily steps in but it also helps you to explore the destination more in-depth. Most people we interview say that getting lost was the best thing that ever happened to them. It allows you to discover things you never would’ve if you had planned it all out. Charu comments, “There are even days when I walk as much as 20kms without realizing.” (That’s the equivalent of 12 miles, go Charu!)

Meeting Cool People

Small, local cafes and bars are the best way to socialize and meet other people. Charu suggests Bar Palladio, Anokhi Cafe, and Caffe Palladio. They’re some of her favorites in Jaipur.

Where to Eat in Jaipur

This is always the hardest question for our interviewees to answer. Out of all the mouth-watering restaurants, Charu says Tapri, a tea room, is her favorite.

The best part about Tapri is you can relax and sip on a warm masala chai while simultaneously enjoying traditional (might we add flavourful) snacks. Not to mention the view – this tea room overlooks the gorgeously green Central Park of Jaipur.

India is one of the places that has the most vegetarian options, so you won’t have much trouble here. “From fresh juices to sautéed vegetables to multigrain India delicacies, you can literally find something healthy for every tastebud here.”

Places like this get busy quick. From passing by tourists to har core locals, but Charu says, regardless of how busy the place is, the staff still makes sure to accommodate all your requests.

All-Time Best Lodging

Charu gives us names of some definitely noteworthy hotels, including

  • Taj Rambagh Palace
  • Samode Palace
  • Sujan Rajmahal Palace.

No matter which of the three you stay at, every one of them holds the beauty of Rajasthan’s royal past. Charu comments. “I definitely felt like a princess staying there.” We would too. Have you seen the pictures?

Many of these hotels offer lessons of India’s yoga techniques. They also offer a diverse diet that comes from the rich organic agriculture the city is thriving on. For those days you just wanna relax, these hotels are fully equipped with luscious spas.

Equipment & Editing

Charu mainly uses her Canon 100D. She comments, “I feel that with good lighting and good composition, one can achieve really wonderful results.” Golden hour is one of the most popular among photographers and Charu is no different. Charu feels that the power of a good shot lies in good editing. Shooting your photos in a raw format is the best, she advises.

Of course, no travel content creator would be complete without Lightroom Classic CC.


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