Esperance: Western Australia’s Little Hideaway

At first glance, you might think Esperance is perhaps located in Spain. After all, it’s not far from the Spanish words “Esperanza” or “Espero.” Turns out, this small, isolated town is actually located in Western Australia. While the east coast of this continent/country features well-known cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, not as much is known about the western side aside from Perth. For the avid traveler though, sometimes the best spots to visit are the lesser-known ones; the places where you’ll feel more immersed with the locals and can escape the hustle and bustle of a big city. We chatted with content creator and Australian native Ellie Bullen all about this west coast hidden gem.

What You Must Do

Topping off the list of reasons why you need to visit Esperance, hanging out with kangaroos on the beach! You read that right. According to Ellie, you can catch the iconic Australian animal at Lucky Bay and Duke of Orlean Baby, both of which are located in Cape le Grand National Park.

Architecture You Should Not Miss

Esperance might not be the dream locale for architecture fanatics, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to appreciate here. The Esperance Chalet Village features cute A-frame cottages for you to check out during your visit.

How You Will Stay Active

One look at beachside pictures from Esperance and you’ll understand why Ellie tells us this is the best way to stay fit here. From beach walks and runs to swimming in the bright blue ocean, it’s the perfect scene to compliment your workout. Ellie also says the run from town to the beach has some great hills as well.

Where To Connect with Humans

Australians don’t disappoint when it comes to friendliness. So, how do you meet people? The best way is at the beach or at the Downtown Espresso coffee shop in town.

What was your favorite place to eat?

Being that’s it a small town, food options can be limited. As mentioned earlier, you can head to Downtown Espresso for coffee and baked goods. It’s described as “modern and hip”, with tourists and locals alike grabbing their morning coffees. The place in town suggested for dinner and cocktails is Taylor St. Quarters.

Where You Should Stay

Earlier, we told you about the adorable cottages in Esperance Chalet Village. Well, it turns out, you can also stay there. Ellie says they are modern and simplistic, with comfortable beds, and cute bathrooms and kitchens. She also says the owner is really great and has plans to expand with sites available for RV’s and a modern share kitchen. For those into vegan food, you may get the opportunity to enjoy some healthy vegan cooking demos from Ellie here, as that it is something she is looking into down the road.

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