Creator Spotlight: Adriana Lopez

Adriana Lopez is a Miami native who knows the hospitality industry inside and out, take a glance at @hotel_hopping and you’ll understand why hotels are so excited to work with her.

When she’s not using her social media platforms to promote hotel happy hours, she’s increasing revenue by offering their amenities for daytime use.

How did you decide the hospitality industry was where you wanted to build your career?


My dad was a hotelier, and my whole family worked in hotels and restaurants, so I was born into it. I studied hospitality at NYU and have worked in and around the industry ever since! It was just a natural decision, and I couldn’t be happier.

Aside from Hotel Hopping, I’m the Director of Hotel Partnerships for DayAxe, a hotel day pass platform. I also manage social media for various businesses around town.

I stay busy, but I’m so fortunate that I’m able to work remotely in everything that I do, because that freedom has allowed me to meet so many amazing people in the industry. Although keeping everything balanced at times isn’t easy, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Seems like you have an extremely busy schedule! What apps do you use to manage your life?

Everyday I thank the tech universe for bringing me Slack. At DayAxe, my colleagues all work out of LA, and because it’s so important to have a constant flow of information, Slack is the easiest way for us all to stay in the loop. I also use a CRM platform called Base that helps me organize leads and contacts so I can follow up with people and organize communication with them. And other than that, if a meeting’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist!

What are the challenges of taking an unconventional career path?

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Initially, I was always worried about succeeding on my own. The idea of accepting failure and working for someone else was very scary for me, I wanted so bad to make it on my own!

That same mentality of refusing to accept failure also leaked into my business dealings, I got very discouraged whenever I got a negative response on my products. I’ve since realized that there’s always going to be people who say ‘no,’ but it’s important to brush it off and move on.

The biggest challenge I face nowadays is seeking out clients. I didn’t start off in sales, so teaching myself how to be successful at selling has been a trial-and-error process. Throwing myself into unfamiliar territory and learning from my mistakes has been the best education I’ve ever had, but it’s also been the most challenging.

So far, what is the best experience you’ve had while working with a hotel?

I’ve had so many different experiences, it’s hard to pick one! A few weeks ago I was part of a feature on the Betsy Hotel in South Beach, and they put me up in the Penthouse – which was pretty amazing. The level of service there is beyond words. Whenever someone asks me for hotel recommendations in Miami Beach, the Betsy is always one of my first suggestions.

As social media continues to grow, what do you think the biggest challenge will be for content creators and brands?

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There’s such an abundance of content available online now, it’s challenging for creators to stand out in the crowd. Brands and content creators both have to be increasingly innovative in a world that has so much captivating content.

What’s the biggest challenge you face managing content for your page?

Right now, I manage 8 Instagram accounts, and it can get to be a bit of a challenge staying organized between all of them. But as long as I have enough content, I find that I can manage.

How do you continue to expand your audiences across so many accounts?

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Staying connected with other local influencers has been a huge help for me. I like to attend events and make tons of ‘insta-friends’ to maintain personal connections. Aside from engaging content, I think connections are the best way to make a good impression on my audience! Working in the hospitality industry has taught me that opportunities come from collaborations and partnerships, and anyone can be a partner!

If you could take one person anywhere, who would it be and where would you go?

I would take my mom to India. She’s always wanted to go there, and I owe her everything. She’s been the biggest influence in my life, and my best supporter. One day, I’ll take her wound the world. She really deserves that from me.

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