Breaking Musical Boundaries, Meet Sarah Charness The Hot Pink Violinist

Sarah Charness is not your typical violinist. Her signature hot pink six string electric violin might be the first indication that she is anything but ordinary. Sarah is known around the world for breaking the traditional norms of string playing outside of classical music and into something entirely different.


We recently got to spent some interviewing and listening to some tunes crafted by this beautiful, poppy pink-electric violinist, Sarah Charness, who just recently dropped her new release “WHAT YOU NEED” an upbeat melodic house track, featuring violin as the main voice. With a soaring melody and dynamic drops, “What You Need” will no doubt be a crowd-pleaser.



How  did you get started?

I started when I was just four years old playing classical violin. My parents were both musicians and I wanted to be like them! They performed a lot together and I just couldn’t handle being left out. When I was 16, I became an ornery adolescent and needed a different sort of outlet. While I was classicaly trained, only playing in this style felt very constricting. I needed to let loose and began experimenting with other styles. It was at this age that I began playing the instrument you see pictured. The shape alone allowed me not to have to put my chin down and I could really move around a ton on stage.


What has been the most challenging moment in your career?

Everything! Being a musician is definitely not easy for many reasons. There is a certain unpredictability to the lifestyle like at the beginning of a career, not knowing where a next paycheck is coming from. But I think the greater challenge is that you are constantly opening up your soul and putting yourself in a vulverable position. With social media, this is constant.


What was the most braggable moment?

Some amazing shows at NYC Fashion Week!


What would you say is your biggest weakness?

I put so much pressure on myself. For me, its never enough and I never feel satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. That can be a difficult way to live life.


And your greatest strength?

Perseverance. I tend to not give up even when I’m told “no”. I’m extremely driven and think I work very hard. Of course, there is that other part of me that says, “maybe its not enough?”


What was the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a mistake?

Always be over prepared. When nerves get the better of you, we tend to forget or be overcome with anxiety. If you are overprepared for a performance, it always helps! Same goes with studying for a test, giving a lecture or presentation, or whatever! If you can do it in your sleep, you will be GREAT.


What do you love most about what you do?

I love all of the amazing people I’ve been able to work with and the places ive been able to visit. I’m the kind of person that hates being stuck in one city for long and I absolutely love to travel. I also hate monotony. When you are a musician, every day is just a little bit different and it keeps things fresh and exciting. But with anything, things are what you make them! Just because you have an office job, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Love Yourself. We have to live with ourselves day in and out and I had to learn to love myself and have confidence. Just because im a performer, doesn’t mean I have a ton of confidence. In fact, I don’t. I question my self worth all the time. Learning to be comfortable in my own shoes and not compare myself to others is an ongoing battle and one that I’m working on all the time.


How do you define happiness?

For me, happiness is about loving the people around you. You can have all the material things in the world all the success in the world, and still be miserable. I have had the opportunity to meet people with absolutely nothing who are the happiest people on earth. I have a wonderful husband and a wonderful son and these two people are what bring light to my life every day. Even if I was stripped of everything I have, as long as I have them I know I’ll be okay.


What book are you currently reading?

Fear is not an option by Monica Berg. Its really a wonderful read and touches on many of these questions actually.


What’s a personal habit that you believe contributes to your success?

YOGA. Staying centered and not letting all of life’s challenges get in my way.

Have you collaborated with another business/artist in the past? (if yes tell us how it benefited you, if no tell us how you would like to)

I have worked with dozens of singers, DJ’s etc. I think the interesting thing about collaboration is that it not only helps you reach other people’s fan base’s but it also forces you to do things artistically that might not quite be in your comfort zone. Collaboration always forces me to reach beyond my limits.  

Check out Sarah’s new single “What You Need” on SoundCloud

To learn more about Sarah visit her website