Black Rock City, Reflections of a 1st Time Burner

Experiencing Burning man has always been somewhat of a dream. This year I was lucky enough to experience the magic for the first time, for which I’m excited to share my journey with you.

Burning man is an annual gathering in Black Rock City, Nevada that brings together thousands of people from all over the world to a place where the imagination has no limits and art lives on.

Along with all the excitement also came the challenges of living in the desert, in the hot and dry climate,  having limited access to everyday things that we take for granted in our life.

The Playa as it is referred to consists of many different camps. Each camp is collectively created and many create their own art cars, entertainment programs, DJs, and Artists.

There are no official stages or formal event programming. All the music artists that participate are part of a camp and they perform as their gift to the community and not for money. Looking for something fun or a specific vibe? just ask some strangers for suggestions and let the magic unfold. It’s a fun little way of networking, you get to socialize and get to meet incredible people in the process.

The Playa is heaven for artists. Many dedicated artists have spent the entire year working on the many structures and art installations. Creativity is infinite here,as wacky as you wanna get you will still fit right in.

While there are thousands of cars waiting for ours to get through the entry point, there are many who fly in on their private planes, there is a pop up airport in middle of the desert. Cant wait until the place lands? You are not alone, many people even skydive off the plane and parachute into the Playa.




People put a lot of thought and effort into creating their most creative and craziest costumes, while others that decide just to be naked and enjoy their time.

Even the setting plays a part on the whole experience, the landscape of the desert with its white sand, huge mountains, and gorgeous pink skies are a perfect background for art itself and sets the vibes right. At night you get to see the city light up, It’s like one huge party with flashing lights, music, dancing and magic. Here there’s no time frame, no social class difference, and no real-life problems just a sense of community and love.

The grand finale is the burning of the man, here you get to experience an energy like no other. All the art cars line up around the structure playing music, everybody gets together to experience the burning man, it’s like hundreds of different parties all happening in one place, where there is just positive energy that will change your life forever.

I tried to understand why thousands of people gather here every year, but I couldn’t find the right answer. Some people come to find the meaning of life or face their fears, others just simply come to find love, others come for the art and the music, to have a good time with their friends and just to be kids again, letting their imagination run wild and free and to just get away from their daily routine.

Something we all appreciate at Burning Man is the void of judgement, no age limits, no racism, no hate. All it focuses around is a good energy, the art, nature and most importantly love.