4 Event Ideas To Optimize An Influencer Campaign

Smart business people have mastered the art of perception, they see every possible angle to a marketing campaign, and influencer-based strategies shouldn’t be any different!

Here, we give you some great points-of-view on how you can creatively integrate social media into your events. Warning! This might lead to crazy long RSVP ‘Yes’ lists, and your engagement might #breaktheinternet. If you can’t handle that, you should stop reading now.

OK future Kardashian, assuming you’re ready for the biggest turnout ever, you should know that teaming up with a content creator for in-person promotions is a great way to increase brand awareness and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Throw A Launch Party and Invite Influencers As VIP Guests

Have you ever turned down an invite to a glamourous launch party? I think not. Servers walking around in tuxedos and trays of hors-devours, and a reason to buy a new fancy outfit are pretty much impossible to give up. I understand.

And then there’s all the publicity and brand awareness that comes default with the launch party, of course. So hosting your own launch is a great way to kick up the engagement on your page. And a way to bring it through the roof? Invite a VIP.

Social media content creators are the perfect VIPs for launch events. Have them promote the event on their own page prior to the day-of, and take over your Stories during the party so they can publicize using their own person twist!

Host An Influencer Meet and Greet

Be the reason for the trendiest meet and greet of the season, and invite a relevant influencer! Just like Stan Lee has a cult following, influencers also have an audience that would wait in line to snap a pic and chat with them. Hopefully your line doesn’t get as long as Stan Lee’s, though, I’m not sure influencer fans are that dedicated.

But the real key here is choosing an influencer that’s relevant to your business. A new furniture shop might invite @angelarose_diyhome for example (watch out for our Creator Spotlight on her coming soon!). This way, you’ll ensure the people showing up to the event are potential customers probably already interested in your service.

Or Make it a More Exclusive Experience

Not interested in hosting a viral event? That’s OK, there’s a way around it.

Promote a contest that offers one lucky winner a chance to spend some quality time with a relevant influencer. To enter, tell interested people to share your social media page on their own (in turn expanding your audience reach).

Make sure to get some great photos of the winner with your influencer and post them, this will surely give your audience intense FOMO!

Like-and-share promotional contests are nothing new on social media, and that’s because they serve as a great way to increase the size of your following. And by making the prize itself something you can post about, you’re getting double the bang for your buck!

Have Influencers Curate The Products at Your Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops are changing the way businesses bridge the gap between online and off-line sales. Tons of internet-savvy brands are turning to this clever trick to diversify their sales channels cheap and fast. And adding an influencer to this equation can have explosive results.

You can have an influencer choose items you stock at the shop, and promote them on their pages while the shop is functioning. Don’t limit yourself to just one influencer here, though. Gather input from multiple creators and have them all post about their chosen products to maximize your investment.