Creator Spotlight: Vicky Justiz

Vicky Justiz has gained a following by sharing her life with the world on her instagram @vickyjustiz and her YouTube channel VickyJustiz 

You can find her next to her boyfriend, Johnny, and probably in a bikini on a tropical vacation somewhere. She works hard for that body #flauntit. But don’t be jealous! She believes that if she can live her dreams, you can too.


OK Vicky, hit us hard here. Tell us something that your followers might find surprising.

Oh, I love when I get asked this question. I actually started college at age 16. I had the highest SAT score in my class, and was dead-set on studying neuroscience (until I ultimately decided to go for my passion, and switched to Hospitality and Graphic Design). I find that people tend to forget that there’s actually a brain behind these shadow eyes, and I spend a lot of time kindly reminding them. But, I’ll admit, it never gets old proving them wrong and watching their face twist in shock. #winning

What do you do in the morning to prepare for the day?

I start my day off with full cup of tea and a full inbox. By the time my tea is empty, the goal is my inbox should be, too.

What accounts do you follow for personal inspiration, and what about them inspires you?

I follow tons of Interior Design accounts (@adesignersmind is awesome)! If it wasn’t for Youtube, I would have been an interior designer, no doubt. I’ve always had a passion for design. I also follow other influencers for inspiration, we gotta support each other! @travel_inhershoes, @saltyluxe, @polabur, and @leoniehanne

What message do you want to convey to your followers?

Life is too short to waste time. Go after the life you’ve always dreamed of, take care of yourself, and do whatever you can to bring out your best self.

Do you feel that content creators on social media are misrepresented or misunderstood?

Oh, totally. I’ve read so many comments under my posts accusing me of being a “trust-fund baby” or that my “rich boyfriend” funds my life. Haters gonna hate! But seriously, Johnny and I work our asses off to have the life we do. We are so lucky that we get to travel the world, but all of those trips are paid for by business opportunities. I’m an influencer. I make money by traveling and living the life that I do, that’s my job. I want viewers to recognize that I went after the life I wanted and I have it, no one gave it to me. And they can do that, too! I want to use my social media to bring others up, even when people try to bring me down. I feel like a lot of fellow influencers also have this problem, and it’s unfortunate.

So far, what is the best experience you’ve had working with a brand?

One collaboration that stands out is working with Mini Cooper for Miami Fashion Week. They really understand the value of an influencer, which is rare. Johnny and I are used to haggling for fair pay, but Mini already knew our marketability, and came at us with a fair offer right off the bat. Their marketing agency was also super kind to us, making sure we were always well-rested, well-fed, and comfortable with what we were doing. And I think the best part was that there was no confusion over what they expected, everything was very clear, making for a pleasant experience on both sides. 🙂

As social media continues to grow, what do you think will be the biggest challenges content creators will face?

I believe that, as creators, we have a duty to stay true to ourselves, because that’s why people follow us! This can be a huge challenge as your own brand grows bigger and you become a business. Once you start to earn an income from your page, it’s easy to become tempted to upload things that don’t really reflect who you are. Or maybe forget to post about the bad days, which takes away a lot of relatability with your followers. It’s important to stay positive, of course, especially if you want to inspire people with your posts. But it’s just as important to stay real. The whole reason any of us become creators is to share our point of view with the world. It is just a part of our job to find a balance between what makes money and what reflects who we are.

On and off social media, how do you manage your life? Do you use any apps that are particularly helpful?

Well, my calendar app is a lifesaver. I use one called Calendars by Readdle. I’m so busy and have so many calls, meetings, and events that if it’s not in the calendar-it doesn’t exist!

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