More Love in the Kitchen

We love food and we love our restaurants, but how much love is there in the back of the kitchen?

Thanks to TV shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Rescue,” most people understand, on some level, the stress that comes with working in the culinary industry.

And for those of us, including myself, that have worked in the industry, we know that those reality TV shows are, at times, actually pretty close to the real thing.

America’s restaurant industry needs to improve its workplace culture.

#FairKitchens, backed by heavy hitters in the industry like Unilever, wants to open up this conversation in the restaurants themselves.

“Chefs love what they do, but too often, pursuing their passion for cooking comes at a cost to their well-being.” Unilever Exec. Chef Einav Gefen says, “We need to unite the industry by providing tangible solutions that will lead to a change for good.”

The organization offers video tutorials and PDFs to chefs and restaurant management to help hone their sensitivity skills and better deal with the stress they’re under.

Their main tactics to getting this done can be summarized in the acronym on their homepage: Talk Openly, Excite Passion, Act as One, Make Time, Say “Good Job.” Otherwise known as TEAMS.

Unilever wants all 17 million restaurants around the world to have #FairKitchens, and I can’t help but agree. Haven’t you ever heard that food made with love tastes better?