Order Your WiFi To-Go

Trekking through Bolivia or island hopping in the Caribbean is exciting, but finding an internet connection isn’t easy. If you are working remotely and depend on an internet connection, this is especially important.

The Skyroam Solis is palm-sized global hotspot with unlimited internet service and a built-in power bank. Developed by Skyroam, a global WiFi provider that is making it easy to stay connected around the world, this device keeps you online during your most insane adventures.

Now you can stay connected to the best available local network all day in more than 120 countries without a contract. Offering the convenience of mobile data on-demand that is shareable on up to five devices simultaneously, Skyroam Solis is perfect for navigating international travels without leaving your connection behind.

Now available in vending machines at Miami International Airport, this is great for the many travelers visiting 25 Caribbean islands, 16 Latin American countries, and 120+ destinations around the globe to travel with the internet always in their pocket.

“Vending machines traditionally sold water and snacks, but today WiFi is just as much of a necessity” said Skyroam CEO Jing Liu. “Skyroam’s vending machines ensure that travelers stay seamlessly connected with a cost effective alternative to crazy international roaming fees.”

Skyroam’s newest vending machines are located at MIA in international Terminal J by Gate J9 and Terminal E by Gate E8 where travelers can pick up top tech accessories to meet the needs of their trip. The Skyroam Global WiFi and travel-tech accessory vending machines at MIA join others launched at some of America’s busiest airports, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

For the true jet-setter, buy Skyroam Solis for $149.99 to access the unlimited global WiFi network using 24- hour daypasses for $9 each or $99/month. More of an annual vacation? Rent Skyroam Solis for $9.95 per day to connect up to five devices for the duration of the trip and drop in the mail upon returning home in the provided prepaid envelope.

Skyroam hotspots are also available for purchase or rent on skyroam.com with shipping to over 150 countries.