50 Artists, 5 Floors, 6000 Guests

The exterior of The Moore Building in Miami’s Design District was colorfully lit and artistically decorated, in case the long lines outside were not enough to tell you “you need to get inside”.

As you entered a maze of creativity at RAW, you could feel the energy in the building was high, the crowd was captivated by the sound and while engaging with the  visuals. An immersive experience of art, music, design and technology to igniting the creator within us.

Over 6000 guests immersed their senses in 5 floors of creative stimulation, the manifestation of over 50 local and international creators who worked harmoniously on the site specific installations and performances cultivating a symbiotic relationship with the architecture,

Did we mention Instagrams were in visual heaven?

Some of the weekends highlights include:



Arantxa Araujo presented Igneous Affair, a ritual and durational performance exploring transformation, perception and awareness by burning, cleansing and healing her body, mind and energy. Araujo sensually covered herself with hot candle wax, ignited her hair, and allowed guests to peel and play with that temporary new skin.



Home Eleven presented Orenda, an interactive installation where viewers were drawn to a rifle illuminated on top of a pedestal facing a white wall with bullet holes. When participants took a shot at the target, a receipt printed data on gun violence on the opposite wall for guests to keep in a shell casing. Their installations connect the viewer and the subject matter, reaching a subconscious emotion, promoting understanding and compassion.



Zahaeynap Arolat x Hande Oney x Sali Ferad activated Zaha Hadid’s Elastika with live data that was animated by light and motion through “Rote,” a digital experiment questioning our perception of time, scale, space, and our physical and social boundaries. The growing number of guests informed the world data being projected onto the Elastika and surfaces of the building, crowdsourcing social awareness.





Xiang Guan presented Symbiotic Objects, a chair, table, and lamp that require a human body to complete their functionality, allowing us to reimagine and reflect upon the relationship between people and objects. What if we had a symbiotic relationship to daily objects? Could we eliminate unnecessary waste in the spirit of a sustainable world?






Pedro Wazzan presented Drop You using high speed photography techniques and equipment to capture the exact, otherwise imperceptibly explosive millisecond of collision between liquids. Pedro invited participants to personalize each drop of water, through various filters, turning them into a colorful mushroom cloud frozen in time.





Amanda Hameline invited viewers to participate in the scientific study of the female body through dance. Hameline’s Examination included choreography that created funny, dark and strong narrative experiences that drew from audience participation and the architecture of the Moore Building.







Lipstick Gypsy shared a soulful performance and ignited the rooftop with a DJ set for audiophiles on May 12th. Justin Timberlake is executive producing their debut album and Jamie Foxx executive produced the music video for Overnight, which they performed for the first time at RAW Pop Up since its release on May 11th.



On Sunday, RAW Pop Up ended with an Ode to Mom inviting local families to immerse themselves in installations and artist led children workshops, including a 3-D printing pop up museum of historical artifacts by Luis Valenzuela and a slime installation by TAKEOUT. A proceed of tickets were donated to Arts For Learning, a non-profit focused on advancing teaching and learning through the arts. Music was curated by the University of Miami, Frost School of Music.