RAW Invades Miami Design District

A group of local artists are taking over the entire Moore Building, we cant predict what happens next, but you sure don’t want to miss this.

So mark your calendars and purchase your tickets.

From the 11th-13th of May, prepare to immerse yourself in a 3-day multi-sensory experience of art, music and technology that will redefine how art is experienced.

RAW Pop Up – Art Basel 2017

RAW has partnered with the Miami Design District and will take over the Moore Building to challenge art boundaries that exist in traditional art shows, encouraging guests to dive into novel and ephemeral experiences where art and observer meet through taste, touch, sound, smell and sight.

Over 80 international artists and musicians will coexist and present their site-specific installations in the 21,000 square feet building located in the heart of the design district. RAW shares the Miami Design District’s passion and philosophy in creating cultural experiences in an architecturally significant context.

RAW Pop Up – Art Basel 2017

The Moore Building was constructed in the 1920s to be a furniture showroom for Moore and Sons. The face of the building continues to bear the words “Moore Furniture Co.”, a reminder of RAW’s intent to conserve and showcase historical spaces through the presentation of ideas on the frontiers of design.

In today’s world, the human mind is constantly overstimulated, incentivized, and awarded for choosing virtual distractions over the present moment.

RAW is an intimate and immersive environment serving art to all the senses. Awaken your RAW senses and experience art through a new lens. RAW is brought to life by a group of global artists and a team of curators, architects and art directors seeking to redefine how art is experienced.

RAW Pop Up – Art Basel 2017

Some of the artists include:

Alba Triana – For RAW, she presents “Sounding Score,” an Interactive Musical Book. Being both score and instrument, this virtual book invites the public to play with the formal structure of a music composition. Visitors activate or deactivate buttons to introduce elements into or withdraw them from the music, and navigate through the piece by turning pages forward or backward.
Yucef Merhi — For RAW, he presents “Too Good To Be News,” a real-time poetry generator that grabs, parses, and creates random poems, from current headlines published by The New York Times, National Public Radio, and verses written by Yucef Merhi.
Eva Davidova – For RAW, she presents “Global Mode. Narcissus and Drowning Animals,” a project on mythologies, 3D animals, performance and Virtual Reality. It explores cruelty and climate change transferring them into a perceived unreality and enabling physical connections between the virtual and physical spaces. Uncertain, somehow absurd roles crisscross between viewers, the virtual animals, and a performer from the past. The proposed installation addresses actions, their unpredictable outcomes, and the overpowering mediation these actions are subject to.

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