Pop-Up Shops and The New Retail w/Melissa Gonzalez, CEO of Lionesque Group

Melissa Gonzalez is a retail guru and the CEO of Lionesque group –  A retail strategy and design firm creating interactive shopping experiences and designing the new store format, which optimizes shorter term feasibility for brands, mall operators and developers helping them adapt and impact new markets,

She has launched a subsidiary of Lionesque Group called Field-Test, an interactive retail platform for physical retail that empowers retailers and property owners to truly connect the online and offline worlds with real-time transparency onto store performance. In collaboration with Impinj, the leading provider of proprietary RAIN RFID.

In our interview, Melissa shares her insight as we speak about the following subjects:

    • Is Retail Dead?
    • Why physical answers some things that online cannot.
    • Digital first, going into brick and mortar
    • Are pop ups growing and how is that affecting commercial leases
    • Best marketing tips for a pop up shop
    • The importance of choosing the right location and what mistakes to avoid
    • The role of social media influencers in pop up shops.
    • Dead Malls and their revival
    • The role of AR/VR in retail sales