Viacom Eats Up WhoSay

Some things are so much better when combined. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Milk and Cereal, Dark Chocolate and Seasalt. Like the sweetness of one great thing enhancing the other.

Viacom is attempting to sweeten its market share by acquiring WhoSay. 

What is WhoSay or Who is WhoSay?

WHOSAY is an American social media service and branding platform for celebrities and their fans. Founded in Los Angeles in 2010.

This further shows us that the future of advertising isn’t simply in the digital format, it’s in utilizing the digital assets.

With social media influencers gaining more views, more likes, and more notoriety everyday; bigger brands are using WhoSay to connect with their consumers in a closer way.

“This partnership gives us the ability to go from spiked periods of excellence to 52-weeks of excellence,” says Sean Moran, head of marketing and partner solutions at Viacom.Combining brands like McDonalds to influencers like Cascade Pope then focus them around the MTV Video Music Awards, you create the perfect storm for the ultimate viewership.

So get ready influencers, looks like more brands will be coming after you with offers like #ad, #sponsored, #paidpartnership etc.