Airbnb for Earthquake Ruined Homes in Mexico

When you think of Ruins and Mexico, the first thing that comes to mind are the Mayan Ruins that attract many tourists and visitors every year.

In the wake of the recent earthquake that struck Mexico and caused a devastating amount of damage, 2 creative geniuses launched Arriba.

Arriba is a booking site like Airbnb but for homes destroyed by the recent earthquake in Mexico.


Am I really going to stay in a destroyed home?” The answer is “No, there is no access to any of the buildings. The rental is symbolic and the total amount owed is your donation to an innovative fundraising program to rebuild homes destroyed by the earthquake and help those left homeless.

Edgar “Fader” Elorza and Angel “Cheche” Rodriguez, two creative directors from independent Mexico City agency Anonimo, came up with the idea when they realized the streets were already full of people who had rushed to clear debris from the Sept. 19 earthquake. They could contribute more with a powerful idea.

So far the website has raised more then $300,000 according to the tally at the bottom of the home page.

Arriba Mexico (rough translation: Up With Mexico) is spreading rapidly through social networks and coverage in Mexican media. Facebook, Google and Twitter in Mexico have all offered to help grow the effort.

In Mexico, 100% of donations will go to a respected disaster relief group called CADENA. Initially money will be spent on tent-like shelters for five people to provide temporary, safe housing for families left homeless by the earthquake. The next step will be to rebuild homes in the most heavily damaged areas of Mexico City, Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas.

Arriba Mexico rentals range from $15 to $250 a night, and can be booked for multiple nights. A minimalist penthouse in Condesa is available for $137 a night. Click through to read the longer listing, which includes use of a van, which may be the vehicle shown crushed beneath the rubble that used to be the penthouse.