Simple Stupid, A New Way to Cook

Technology keeps helping us forget how to do things, with all the convenience of apps like Uber Eats or Postmates, you probably forgot how to cook.

Much like Apple, IKEA is notorious for simplifying furniture, packaging and home stuff.

Recently we have seen them create simple solutions for growing your own food.  IKEA has taken another step to simplify food, without using any technology IKEA has now created a real life Infographic that will change how food is prepared, “The IKEA Easy Recipe Series,” with the purpose of inspiring and encouraging people to be more creative in the kitchen.

The IKEA Recipe Series is the ideal cookbook you never knew you wanted.

What’s so unique about this item? Rather than list each ingredient in a string of text on the paper, IKEA used a fill-in-the-blank recipe model, which highly resembles coloring book pages. Each recipe comes printed on parchment paper with easy to follow instructions. You place your food items on the designated areas, place the sheet in the oven to bake, and viola, you have a dinner on the table. Yes, you literally cook the page.

IKEA is not known for their well thought out and easy instructions, so what can you expect from the adult coloring book of the cookbook world? The recipes center around only IKEA-purchased ingredients and are printed on the parchment using edible ink. Recipes include baked lemon salmon, ravioli with meatballs, garlic shrimp, and a raspberry rhubarb dessert, to name a few.

IKEA has already begun rolling out distribution to select locations across Canada. Bon appetit.