5 Must Have Leadership Skills

Self Awareness –  You need to know what you’re capable of and when you should be asking for help.


Relationship Building – Ultimately you can’t do very much on your own so you need to create relationships with people you dont know and you also need to make existing relationships as strong as possible.


That set of shared objectives that bond you in relationships.


Motivating Others – When you need to get groups of people aligned with your vision you have to appeal to their inner motivations.


Leading Change – In a startup things change constantly, what you did yesterday might not be good enough for today. People are inherently resistant to change so you need to know how to make people feel comfortable and to want to embrace change.


Enterprise Basics – Understanding how enterprise evolved and how different it is from when you are in a shared office, and it’s just 2 or 3 people to when you are dealing with customers, vendors and scaling up.


What the enterprise requires and what your team requires from you as a leader can change overnight.