Tips 4 Trips: Easy Wellness Tips for Travelers

As a health and wellness coach I get the opportunity to travel a lot for leisure, business and family. Sticking to the healthy habits I have implemented at home can be challenging when traveling.

Sometimes I may have limit access to healthier options, but with the right intentions, proper planning and genuine preparation it is rewarding to enjoy your trip while still looking and feeling amazing when you get back!

At the moment, I am visiting my hometown in Curacao and while it’s all familiar we don’t have the same access to juice bars and other staples I became accustomed to in Miami.

So here are some tips that help me stay WELL while traveling:

1 – Implement a travel workout routine

Taking time to plan the types of workouts you can engage in while on your trip can be a game changer. Search to see if your hotel has a good gym, or better yet enjoy the outdoors, ask around about hiking trails or nearby parks,maybe rent a bike and explore the area. It’s about showing up to any workout that works for you and planning time to make a priority to put yourself first.


2 – Commit to adding organic and plant-based options in each meal.

Whether you are a meat eater or you are fully vegan, commit to add living foods to each meal, which will add the natural nutrients that your body needs not just to thrive but to also function at optimal levels, especially during your trip. Good nutrition directly impacts the immune system, plus it can be super fun to search for new creative foods & restaurants that are all about organic, plant based and living foods.

3 – Stock up.

Buy organic items such as nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and always keep something with you during the day, so when you get hungry you have a healthy option. Having your own foods handy, makes it is easier to commit to eating healthier and to incorporate more holistic and living foods into your life. Travel with them!



4 – Keep your rituals.

Staying healthy is not only about food or exercise but also about engaging your go-to health routines. Meditation, holistic hair & skin care, high quality water consumption and natural supplements should all be considered. If back at home you meditate for 10 minutes every day, commit to keeping the same routine even when traveling. Keep your spiritual practice & rituals even on the go!

In whatever you do, always think about how you can add value to your plate, your thoughts and your emotions. Adding more living foods into your meals as much as possible will add to your body, mind and soul. Bon Voyage and Safe Travels!