Just Lanuched: Giphy Says – Will This Be A Game Changer?

Giphy just launched Gyphy Says, an app that converts your spoken words to text (Gifs), when you want to listen to your friends snapchat or instastory but cant turn up the volume at work.

You simply record a video clip and it will automatically convert the audio into text and create a GIF out of the video. You can even change the text style or size by swiping left and right or swipe up and down for filters.

One touch share to social media built in, this can be useful for those at work that cant turn the sound up and listen, or will this become then next hype/trend with social media users.

It is currently available for the iPhone only.

Check out the app yourself and let us know in the comments section whether you find it to be truly entertaining or just another camera app with gimmick features


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