No Walls, Yet Very Intimate

Fashion isn’t the only art that recycles its trends, Architecture is a fan of subtly

re-integrating past style concepts. We must say were pretty excited about this one.

Mostly seen in nightclubs and restaurants and later adopted in celebrity homes. Sunken living rooms or better yet conversation pits are emerging with open-concept home owners, and they haven’t changed much from how we remember them from the sixties and seventies. 

More and more people are looking for creative ideas for their homes, as people embrace loftier open spaces and opt for less walls, going for a more spacious and open feel. After all, who isn’t drawn to floor to ceiling windows that can be seen from your front door. The sunken concept of a living room pit is the ideal way to to keep the space open at the same time, keeping it cozy, cute, and modern.

Many sixties trends have appeared and disappeared but this one is a tough one, they cabe known as dirt magnets or tripping hazards. But if done successfully in this ever growing age of human to human dissociation they can ideally be a powerful tool to re-link the true spirt of what the living room means.
Instead of orienting the couch towards a television screen where we watch other humans interacting , its time to orient the couches back to facing each other. The true art of architecture is to enhance human behavior, conversation pits are a perfect example how design can transform our daily lives.

“Rather than sitting and watching Netflix, the enclosed pit meant that visitors watched each other. The people near and across from you were the entertainment, ringed around the fireplace or capacious table that often provided the pit’s center.”– Curbed’s Kyle Chayka