Influencer Spotlight: Angela Mugnai // Italian_Eye_

We have been in love with the aesthetic of her Instagram account since the first time we stumbled upon it.

Angela Mugnai by Babul Bhatt


Wanting to learn more about the creative force behind it, we reached out to Angela Mugnai, the creative genius behind the “Italian Eye”.

Luckily we were both in NYC at the same time, so I had the opportunity to meet up with her in person and learn more about what goes on behind the gram.

I met with Angela at a coffee shop in Manhattans FiDi on a Friday afternoon.

Assuming she was a photographer/influencer, I began with some photography related questions, “I am not a photographer” she informs me. That totally surprised me, considering the richness of her photos. 

Angela is actually the founder of a thriving digital media and event design agency with operations in London, Florence, and Milan.


Born in Tuscany, this beautiful Italian has an eye for details, beauty and style.

Yellow Saffron Dinner at the Ferragamo mansion IL Borro – Photo by Charlotte Huco

As a young college student, she was faced with the reality of becoming a single mother, but she did not let these challenges stop her.

She started to work as a brand ambassador working promotions for all kinds of brands, a natural influencer, even before social media.

Angela would also volunteer for as many creative opportunities as she could. Including a museum in her hometown and also working with a German town that encourages cultural exchanges and integration between European countries.

Photo by Punti di Bianco

“I’ve done a lot of work for free in my life just to gain experience, today it’s all paying off”.

Photo by @cestmaria

5 years ago Italian Eye was born.

The first project was #Kaleidotour a 3-day photo-worthy event for major American and British influencers that took place in Tuscany. Bringing together creative workshops, heavenly food and the beauty of Tuscany with a touch of British quintessentials.

“The day before the event I got a kidney infection” Angela tells me, “but the intense pain did not stop me from staying hands-on and making our event a success”.

One of the event highlights was the Yellow Safron themed event,  hosted by Tini Ferragamo in her families famous Il Borro estate, where influencers enjoyed Tini’s mouth-watering cuisine

The event was and continues to be a success, although on the last day she collapsed and had to be hospitalized.

Expanding to the UK where she is now based, she started with events and expanded into digital marketing and public relations, recently working with Kellogs to create a campaign for the Italian market.

“I really enjoy and love what I do, even if it gets stressful, and I think my clients feel my passion and dedication”

While her Instagram account has enough content to keep someone busy with it all day, she manages to separate her personal and professional life, keeping some time and privacy while leading a growing agency.


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