Parisian Photographer ‘Hv’ is Resuscitating Sculptures

Hervé Bindefeld (known as HV)is a Parisian Photographer, who went from being a photographer to being a doctor, then a doctor photographer and now a photographer resuscitator of sculptures.

“I begin stories, working on the gaze, the image and the imagination to carry on from my viewpoint the sculptor’s work in producing body language, some postures speak volumes”

“I takes my pictures from street sculptures, elements of architecture or elements of nature, and realize a work of staging, to make the inanimate come to life”

“Take the time to look and listen to the silence. My work takes place in two steps: photographing street sculptures that interest me, and perpetuate the words they seem to express an aesthetic language. Ask her eyes on these sculptures in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rome, Florence, Prague … and gratify their posture of his emotions. I sign “Hv” stressing the illusion to complete the unfinished, and pass over”



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