Big Companies Are Buying Into Culture As A Service

A growing number of corporate companies are seeing the appeal of coworking space in a fast changing world.

WeWork originally targeted startups and freelancers, especially those working in the creative and technology sectors. But now plan to expand beyond co-working spaces to help big companies manage their own offices.

The new offerings would include everything from building out interiors to managing guests, booking conference rooms, coordinating events, analyzing office data on space usage, and providing a human community manager to instill WeWork philosophies.

Recently IBM has signed a deal with WeWork to take on all the space at its 88 University Place office in New York.

IBM is set to move up to 600 employees to 88 University Place. The agreement means the building will be owned, designed and managed by WeWork, confirming that the technology giant will become one of the first major firms to occupy a large corporate office as a service.

WeWork also signed Amazon to take two-thirds of a location in Boston’s Back Bay a week later. In November of last year, Microsoft agreed to buy memberships for 300 employees. HSBC have also rented 300 desks in one of WeWork’s Hong Kong offices.

WeWork is only willing to architect and construct offices because it has design principles that play into how it manages office spaces.The build-out also serves to entice businesses into its cultural management subscription as well as other possible uses for WeWork. In addition to offering services inside of buildings leased by others, WeWork is also looking to offer medium to large businesses more expansive offices on its own premises, including multi-floor rentals. It currently has five buildings, which are leased by only one or two companies.


WeWork offers corporates three options: either sign a membership deal to take a building leased by WeWork, pay WeWork a fee to build out and manage the firm’s existing offices, or lease a floor or smaller office. All options allow clients access to WeWork’s online member network and use other locations.

The idea is that large clients may prefer an all-inclusive managed office space as a short-term commitment to a traditional lease.


Mike Tewel is a Creator, Investor and a Student of Life, he founded ARTRPRNR as a vehicle to elevate the creative community through reflections of his personal passions.